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Pushback is a modular contemporary music ensemble founded in 2018 by Ben Roidl-Ward (bassoon) and Ally Smither (soprano). Our objective is to commission and present a new body of work featuring bassoon and soprano that explicitly advocates for groups that are underrepresented and oppressed, both in and outside of the world of music. This goal arose from a strong desire to play together in a small chamber setting, an interest in working closely with composers of our generation, and a growing frustration with what we see as an unnecessary and harmful dislocation of our artistic practice from the political and social realities of our lives. This is our first large-scale commissioning project, which will feature the premieres of four new works: three duos for bassoon and soprano by LJ White, Karim Al-Zand, and Binna Kim, and one sextet for bassoon, soprano, and string quartet by Theo Chandler. We are grateful to the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and the Luminarts Cultural Foundation, whose generous support made these commissions possible.